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Seniors for Climate
granny and child holding earth - Seniors for Climate

To date, more than 40 centres are organizing a climate action on October 1st.  This number continues to grow. Our Resources & Support  Team is holding regular meetings with organizers and developing a strategy to keep our contact list of over 500 seniors informed and engaged. 


We’re seniors deeply alarmed by the climate crisis. One in four Canadians – we have outsized political, economic and social power. And we vote! 

Our goal is to build a cross-Canada community of seniors to create a liveable future. We have a major role to play and we have motive, commitment and opportunity.

Along with our children and grandchildren, we face a climate emergency. We need faster and better climate action. Later Is Too late!


October 1st is Canada’s National Seniors Day and International Day of Older Persons

On this day, our goal is to act on climate with actions that demonstrate our growing concern about climate breakdown and our desire to rebuild a healthy environment for future generations.

Join us to make this seniors day of climate action a success.
We need your help!

Our Main Messages

  • We’re in a climate emergency. We need to act Now! Later Is Too Late!
  • We want faster and better action on climate by all levels of government.
  • We must phase out the use of fossil fuels.
  • We must stop the financial sector – banks, pension plans, insurance companies – from accelerating climate breakdown.
  • We need to speed up the transition to renewable power and clean energy.
  • We need climate action that is broad-based and deep-rooted: joining with youth, First Nations, the disadvantaged and equity seeking populations. We’re all in this together.

What You Can Do and How We Can Help

Since the launch of the Seniors For Climate project, over 40 groups have committed to holding a climate action or event on October 1st – National Seniors Day in Canada. The next monthly meeting for organizers is on July 30.


Join this project sponsored by 6 seniors’ climate organizations – Suzuki Elders, Climate Action for Lifelong Learners (CALL), Grandmothers Act to Save the Planet (GASP), Climate Legacy, Seniors for Climate Action Now! (SCAN) and For Our Grandchildren (4RG).

Together we can make a difference!

Contact us for information or questions

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